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Meet Stacey

Nutrition and Fitness Coach
Precision Nutrition Level 1
CrossFit Level 1 Coach
Bioforce Conditioning Certification

Welcome and let me introduce myself!

A late bloomer, I didn’t find the joy of health and fitness until my mid-twenties and realized how much time I had wasted and how many bad habits I had to reform. Through my own discovery and learning from others, I made a conscious decision to change my eating habits and my  overall relationship with myself. 


After seeing how my mental and physical states changed, I now make my health my number one priority and love the ability to help others realize the change that’s within them.


An avid CrossFit junkie and gym rat, I have tried many different approaches to nutrition and health – strength training, HITT, yoga, macro counting, flexible dieting, carb timing and yep just plan ole’ eat when I’m hungry. My main philosophy on all of them stays the same – eat whole foods, have fun and stay active!


I work with clients not only to find healthy nutritional habits and better fitness goals, I work with them to change their mindsets and to find the good in what they can do. I believe we all have the ability to be great – sometimes we just need help finding the keys to unlocking our potential!


Why Coaching?

It can help with

Overall Health

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Having someone to hold you accountable increases your chances  of making better, more informed choices leading to greater success.


People often think working out or taking time to prep their food will tire them out. In reality, both are sources of stress relief and will lead to more energy! Proper nutrition and being active are both excellent ways to increase energy.

Increased Self Awareness

Being aware of what your body can do inside the gym is very empowering but can be daunting. Having someone help you teach you through movements helps increase self-esteem and allows you to learn what you're capable of. The same holds true inside the kitchen. A lot of people know how they should eat but sometimes just need help.

Better Eating Habits

It's hard knowing what to eat and often we grab what's quick and easy. A coach can help guide you towards better  choices and knowing how to change your habits.


Stress is a daily part of our lives. Having someone in your corner can help alleviate some of that stress by guiding you through things you're not sure of and providing helpful insights.

Weight Loss

This one's an easy one. Eat well, be active and you'll see results. 

A coach can help you develop the skills to keep you on track and create a lifestyle, not just another diet




“Stacey's positive attitude helped me
see I wasn't doing as bad as I thought

with my nutrition. I just needed

a little bit of help.”



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