Lunch Hour

4 weeks | $19

Lunch Hour Makeover - 11 Feb - 11 March 2018

Small Changes lead to Big Results!​

It’s hard for people to make drastic changes so my intention is to help make over one small thing – your lunch.


We all eat it, and we all hate planning for it.

So why not save money and frustration for

less than $1 a day!?


That’s a lot less than what you probably already

pay to eat out because you didn’t plan.

What to expect:

Each week you will receive an e-mail with 2 main course recipes and 2 snacks, plus a shopping list


What you'll need to do:


  • 2 of lunch A and 2 of lunch B per week

  • Or if you’d like to prepare 4 of the same lunch for the week (for minimal effort in the kitchen), you will have access to a separate recipe/shopping list

We’ll also look at tons of swaps and suggestions to make the recipes vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and low-carb if that’s what you require.

This can also work into shift work – you can swap these lunches to be dinners with a few more added calories. If this is your scenario let me know and we can work to add a bit more to your plan.

You'll get access to a private Facebook group where we will discuss topics such as: 

- basic nutrition and health swaps

- tips for being active every day

- meditation techniques

- food logs and accountability

- meal planning

and so much more!

Just think of some of the benefits

  • "I've been eating healthier & eating more vegetables!"

  • "I enjoyed the time I saved in the morning and most of all I love the weight I lost"

  • "I have more peace of mind and at end of the day I don't dive for chocolate, cakes or pastries instead"

  • "I've enjoyed taking chances with different types of food, and by planning ahead I know each day what I have to eat so I don't make bad choices"

  • " We've been saving 15% on our grocery bills plus ~$100/wk by not going out for breakfast or lunch!

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