Grocery Tours

We'll go in and rock the grocery store with a shopping list already at hand. We'll figure out the best way to shop and what aisles to avoid in order to make sure you stick to healthy lifestyle choices.

1 h 30 | $100

Initial Nutrition Assessment

Let's sit and discuss what your nutritional requirements are and what will help you move towards a better lifestyle. In person, via phone or skype - whatever is easiest for you. 

1 h 30 | $100

Personal Nutrition Counseling

Stuck in a rut? Need to switch things up?  We'll deep dive into your nutritional requirements and help you gain a better understanding of what will help you be successful.

1 h | $75

Nutritional Coaching Plans

Based on the length of plan, we'll get you comfortable planning your own meals to work within your requirements. Go even longer and we will work on accountability and goal setting.

4-12 week programs

Cooking Classes

Food can be daunting. Adding it all together, even more so. We can work together to learn how to cook and meal prep to make sure you're getting the proper nutrients to fuel your days.

1 h 30 | $100