Create Solutions, not Resolutions

Why not try a different way to start the New Year.

Every year it's normally the same thing for most of us. We start off with the best intentions and make some really great resolutions that we're DEFINITELY keeping this year. More often than not, one of your key resolutions is to lose weight and get into better shape. But have you actually thought about those goals in a deeper fashion?

Instead of creating a resolution to lose weight, why not change the way you think and create solutions to drink more water, eat more vegetables, get better sleep. These solutions are all attainable to help you lose weight and feel better.

Here's some tips to help get you started:

  1. Make time. It’s as simple as that. We schedule our kids activities, hair appointments, oil changes. Why not schedule time with yourself? Block of a chunk of time a few times a week for something that will get out moving towards your goal.

  2. Make it family time. Try and plan some activities that you can do as a family so that, not only do you get fit, you can also enjoy more time interacting together and build stronger relationships.

  3. Parents – lead by example. You can’t nag the kids then expect them to do something you’re not willing to do. Show them the benefits of exercise and they’ll soon follow.

  4. Start a journal or a blog. Make yourself accountable! It's hard to back away from something once you've put it out there or voiced it. It's also a great way to see how far you've come, especially when you feel like you're stuck. Consider investing in an expert to give you feedback, help you discuss areas for improvement and next steps.

  5. You are what you eat. There's a reason you keep hearing this - it's because it's true. It's like adding the wrong type of gas to your car - it won't run properly or efficiently. So treat your body the same. Cut back on sugar and salt, add in some leafy green veggies at every meal and drink lots of water.

  6. Be realistic and be gradual. What works for one person or family, may not work for the next. Make sure you're doing what will work for you - don't set yourself up for failure at the start. Also remember it took time for you to get where you're at right now, so it will take time to get to where you want to end up. Be kind to yourself along the way, it's not about being perfect, it's about finding your own path. Set achievable goals, reassess them often and reward yourselves with a small treat when you smash your targets.

  7. Enjoy it! Getting fit and active doesn't have to be a chore. Incorporate it into something you all love or have a passion for. Make it fun, competitive and set incentives. After all, it has been proven that laughter is good for us.

  8. Challenge yourself. It takes just 21 days to form a habit. In the grand scheme of life, that’s not long. Commit to making a change. Be vocal about it!  Tell your friends, family, and co-workers that this year is your year to make a change and demand accountability.  Start with a 90-day challenge and see what happens…I bet you'll amaze yourself!

  9. Make SMART Goals. SMART goals must be “Specific”, “Measurable”, “Attainable”, “Realistic/Relevant”, and “Time-based”

So go ahead - create some solutions, set some goals and get ready to rock this year!

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