Dear Stress - Let's Break Up

We all feel it and it can run our lives but here's how to break free.

There's so much going on in our worlds these days that sometimes it's hard to just take a deep breath and regroup. Unfortunately this takes a HUGE toll on our body and our mind. Just being in a constant state of stress taxes our bodies and hormone levels and will eventually take a toll on your health.

Chronic stress can cause a variety of symptoms and affect your overall well-being. Symptoms of chronic stress include:

  • irritability

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • headaches

  • insomnia

So take a read through this great article from HealthLine that has some great resources to help you cope with day to day stress. And in the end, when you feel anxious or overwhelmed, get up, go for a walk and breath!

Happy Wednesday :)

#wellnesswednesday #healthyhabits


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