Habits aren't "tricks" to lose weight.

Updated: Nov 3, 2017

They're tools designed to dramatically change your behavior with minimal strain.

Some of the most potent weight loss habits look nothing like weight loss habits.

For somebody who never has time to plan and prepare meals, the "ultimate" weight loss habit might be to plan their day the night before or make some other simple tweak to become more efficient with their time.

For somebody who overeats when they're stressed, taking a few minutes to relax when they get home from work could be the key to reducing their calorie intake by 200 calories per day...creating a change of nearly 2 lbs per month.

And yes, my math assumes a 7-day workweek. I don't have time for that fancy math.

For somebody who keeps getting derailed from their plan because of social pressure from others, the "ultimate" weight loss habit might be to reflect on their values every day. To become firmer in their own identity so they aren't easily swayed by the demands of others.

None of these things "look" like weight loss habits. And for many people, they aren't.

They might be pleasant and helpful things to do, but not game changers for their health/weight goals.

But for some people, they ARE game changers.

Your habits don't exist in a vacuum. It's not like your meals and snacks exist in some kind of alternate timeline, separate from the rest of your day. All of your habits are intertwined like a ball of yarn.

The question isn't "what's a good weight loss habit?".

The question is "What habit can I make that will change my OTHER habits enough to make weight loss more likely?".

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