Holiday Survival Tool: The best calorie control guide

Getting through the holidays without feeling guilty, gaining weight or just losing control can seem like a huge feat! But what if there was a way to have some control while still enjoying yourself? What the WHAAAAAAAAT? Yep it's possible!

Sure, it’ll feel difficult with all that calorie-dense food in front of you. But your health can survive another year of Mom’s mostly-butter mashed potatoes and Aunt Marie’s pumpkin bourbon cheesecake if you just eat slowly and pay attention to portions.

No, no… not calorie counting. That’s often annoying, impractical, and inaccurate, especially at Christmas dinner. So try the “hand measure” system instead.

Print off this handy infographic and post it on your fridge or save it to your phone and see how easy taking control of your meals can actually be!