How do you spell awesome sauce?

It starts with you. You deciding to make a change. You deciding the eat that piece of fruit instead of the candy. You deciding to drink that extra glass of water.

It's really hard for us to see ourselves as being awesome. It's much easier to see ourselves and unhealthy, bad because you ate that piece of chocolate, lazy because you didn't make it to the gym. You know what I'm talking about.

The bad voice is always so much louder than the good voice - but it doesn't have to be.

What if every day your number one goal was just to choose one thing to be awesome at? Just one thing...

  • Maybe you decide to be awesome at crushing your mornings by planning the night before?

  • To invest in your health by eating less processed foods and add in extra, whole foods into your diet?

  • Or, perhaps at snuggling the kids and doing the bedtime reading?

  • How about just being awesome at getting up from your desk every hour to go for a 5 min walk?  

Being AWESOME is often more about being PRESENT than being good. It is about devoting yourself to what you are doing and giving it your complete attention.

Focus on one daily activity that you can do each day which will bring you closer to your goal of leading a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Go ahead - you got this!

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