Lifestyle Shaming

Why do you feel the need to make me feel bad for trying to feel good?

We all have our own goals even if we don’t quite know it. Some of us want to lose a few pounds, some of us want to eat a bit healthier, drink more water, get to bed at a normal time, etc. and how we get to achieving those goals is a very personal matter.

Something that really annoys me to no end is the fact that everyone feels like it’s ok to slam your ways of getting there. I put a lot of time and effort into my healthy lifestyle – I prep at least 2 hrs on the weekend, I watch what I eat and even pack my own healthy choices for when we might be traveling. I bring all of my food to work which is more often than not portioned using a scale and measuring cups. I also like to spend quite a bit of time in the gym either doing cardio, weights or Crossfit. This is what makes me happy (second to my wonderful supportive husband and my furry critters) and I enjoy doing it and the way it makes me feel.

What I don’t enjoy are the comments from the outside world. When there are sweets at work for a birthday, it makes me feel uncomfortable when you make comments about the odd fact that I don’t eat sweets? Or you jibe at the fact that I’d rather be eating fruit or something healthy. Or when I read that girls who lift or do Crossfit are too manly – thankfully nobody has ever said that to my face because…well they’d know what my response would be.

Here’s a really great article I found last year that I recently re-read and hits the nail on the head. I especially love this quote:

If me bringing turkey patties and asparagus to work offends you, maybe you need to take a step back and evaluate your own choices, not mine. I’m too busy trying to grow my quads and get some discernible abs to give a rats ass about what you’re eating.

I really don’t get why people feel the need to lifestyle shame. I don’t go walking up to you when you’re eating your brownie, or your cheese stuffed pizza and make comments. Hey if that’s what makes you happy – go for it, just don’t make me feel bad because I’m the opposite.

Happy Wednesday :)

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