Open Prep Week 1: Toes to Bar

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

We started off this week with Toes to Bar.

Whether you scale to Knees To Elbows or just Knee Raises, we worked on core activation and shoulder mobility to help open up your shoulders and allow you to get the maximum movement in the kip.

We also worked on progressions to make sure whatever level you're at, you'd be able to learn how to get your kipping up to speed to help with efficiency in the movement.

Here's a link to my T2B Cheat Sheet!

And here's some fun stuff I read over the last week.

And here's the workout we did!

Warm Up

3 rds:

10 hollow rock to supermans (3 sec hold)

10 v-ups

15 sec active bar hold

Shoulder Mobility

2 x 10 Reps Ys, Ts and Ws (descriptions are in the Cheat Sheet)

2 x 10 Wall Slides

Core Work

3 x 5 Dragon Flags

3 x L Sits for 30s accumulated

3 x 5 Strict T2B (K2E) @ tempo 3011

T2B Progression Work (descriptions are in the Cheat Sheet)

Beat Swings

Kipping Levers

Leg Raises

Knees to Chest

Double Pump

12 Min EMOM

40 double-unders

10 toes-to-bar

10 push-ups

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