Open Prep Week 2: Handstand Push Ups

I'm pretty sure your shoulders are burning after this week!

We did a lot of shoulder work this week so be sure to check out the Practice Workouts at the end of the HSPU Cheat Sheet. Try and do those exercises a few times a week and make sure to mark your progress. It's easy to get hung up on not being able to do a skill but if you marking your progress is a great way to see how far you're coming!

To work on your shoulder mobility, check out some of our drills from last week's T2B session, specifically Ys, Ts, and Ws - now I know you're going to check it out because you have no clue what I'm talking about.

Here's a link to my HSPU Cheat Sheet!

And here's some fun stuff I read over the last week.

And for reference here's the workout we did:

Warm Up

Child's Pose off the Wall (walk hands up for deeper stretch) 60 sec total

4 Position Wrist Stretch


Banded stretches - 30 sec hold each

Overhead T Spine Smash (with or w/o bar)

Lat Smash

KB Pec Smash

2 x 10 Reps Ys, Ts and Ws

2 x 10 Wall Slides

Shoulder Work

3 rds:

8 x Seated DB Press

2 x OH KB Walk 40 m

2 x Box Around the World

HSPU Progression Work (descriptions are in the HSPU Cheat Sheet)

3 rds:

6 x Donkey Kicks

6 x Box HSPU

4 x Negatives at tempo 3 sec down

4 x Wall Walks

Max HSPU with Assist

12 Min EMOM

10 x Glute Bridges

30 sec Nose-to-Wall HS Hold

10 sec HSPU Hold + 4 Negatives

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