Open Prep Week 3: Pull Ups

Week 3 is in the books which means we're almost halfway done! Just 4 more sessions until the Open starts!

We worked through a lot of variations and new skills which I know can be frustrating in the beginning but just remember you have to start somewhere!

Like last week, I've created a small 3 day program to help strengthen some of the muscles used in the pull up. They are quick and easy and should take no more than 10 mins so try and do them before or after class. Check it out in the Pull Up Cheat Sheet.

And remember to keep working on your shoulder mobility! You can see now how often we are using the same movements and how important it is to be flexible through your shoulders. Check out the T2B session, specifically Ys, Ts, and Ws and wall slides.

And here's some fun stuff I read over the last week.

And for reference here's the workout we did:

Warm Up

2 rds:

5 x PVC Lat Pull Downs

5 x Banded Face Pull

5 Bicep Curls

5 Dumbbell Rows

2 x 40 m (switch arms) Single Arm KB OH Walk


2 rds:

6 Single Arm Lat Stretch (3 sec hold and full exhale every rep.)

6 Weighted Hollow Shots (3 sec hold)

6 Powell Raise

10 sec active hold

10 sec chin over the bar

Pull Up Work

Seated Pull Up

Chin Over the Bar Hold


Segmented Negatives

Kipping Pull Up Work

Kip Swings

Kip Elevates

Kip Stop

Banded Pull-Up (band across torso)

2 Kip Swings, Pull Up, 2 Kip Swings

Butterfly Pull Up Work

Butterfly Fall Through

Scoop Drill

Box Butterfly

Baby Butterfly

10 Min AMRAP

5 Pull Ups

10 Burpees

15 KBS (24/16)

20 DUs

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