Open Prep Week 4: Ring Work & Ring MUs

This week we focused on solid grunt work! And sometimes that's exactly what the doctor ordered.

Ring work is great because it's a great way to hit a bunch of muscles all at once - the amount of core engagement just to keep you stable is HUGE! So here is this week's Ring Work & Ring MU Cheat Sheet.

And here's some fun stuff I read over the last week.

And for reference here's the workout we did:

Warm Up

2 rds:

10 Wall Slides

6 Banded Pull Downs

15s Archer each side

Ring Work

3x8 Ring Dips

3-4x l-sits for time (accumulate 1 min)

3x8 false grip inverted rows

3x8 false grip curls

3-4x ring holds for time (accumulate 1 min)

baby muscle up

banded muscle up

12 Min AMRAP

3 Ring Dips


9 T2B

12 Pull Ups

15 DUs

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