Open Prep Week 5: T2B

Since we have a smaller class this week I decided to go back to our first lesson since not everyone was there week 1. And we're working on good ole' T2B.

I want to talk about something that we don't normally look at with much focus - goal setting. This is important for so many reasons but very few of us spend anytime on it.

Some of the benefits of goal setting include:

  • check your progress

  • break down larger goals into smaller attainable ones

  • provide direction and take out some of the anxiety of not knowing where you're heading

  • provides motivation

So why not take a few minutes to sit down and figure out some of your short term and long term goals using this great Goal Setting Worksheet from CrossFit Invictus.

And for reference here's the workout we did:

Warm Up

3 rds:

10 hollow rock to supermans (3 sec hold)

10 v-ups

15 sec active bar hold

Shoulder Mobility

2 x 10 Reps Ys, Ts and Ws (descriptions are in the Cheat Sheet)

2 x 10 Wall Slides

Core Work

3 x 5 Dragon Flags

3 x L Sits for 30s accumulated

3 x 5 Strict T2B (K2E) @ tempo 3011

T2B Progression Work (descriptions are in the Cheat Sheet)

Beat Swings

Kipping Levers

Leg Raises

Knees to Chest

Double Pump

12 Min AMRAP

25 double-unders

15 DB thrusters

10 T2B

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