Quiet the negative voice in your head!

Where did that voice come from anyways? At one point in our lives did we think it would be ok to constantly put ourselves down and create such negativity?

Take some time to realize and focus on what that little voice is saying. I hear it all the time from clients and friends - "I can't do *insert skill*", "I suck at *so-and-so*", "I'm too fat" the list goes on and on. So what would happen if we could spin those thoughts around and create a positive mental state? It's actually a lot easier than you might think.

I love having a daily or weekly mantra. One of my favourites is "Happiness is a choice". I have it as a repeating email that I send to myself every morning at 5am so it's something I read every day before getting started. It's a very tiny thing but it can completely change how I begin my day and what I chose to focus on.

Here's a great article from the folks at WAG that can give you some great inspiration to find your little one liner. I'd love to hear what your favourite mantra is! Come on over to my Facebook page and share.

Happy Wednesday :)

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