Take the stress out of your morning

First off it's about setting up good routines. How can you ever had a great day if you start off already behind the 8 ball? We've all been there - the alarm didn't go off, the kids didn't want to finish breakfast, you forgot to pack lunches. This is A LOT to throw at yourself first thing in the morning.

This is why I always harp on setting routines. Sure they can get boring and mundane but before you know it, you'll be able to coast through certain aspects of your morning without even having to think about it. Just think of the lessened stress if you made lunches the night before instead of sitting on the couch for that extra 10 minutes? What if you planned what clothes you were going to wear the next day while you're falling asleep. Heck some of the most successful business people (think Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs) wear the same clothes day after day - of course they change them! But think how simple it would be to always wear the same thing on Mondays, another outfit every Tuesday, etc. Here's a great article explaining that reasoning.

Take a minute to see what is creating the greatest stress in your morning. Write those things down. Then look at simple ways you could eliminate, or diminish that stress. Breakfasts take up too much time? Batch cook scrambled eggs and some pancakes and keep them in the fridge and then warm up in the morning. It's way healthier than cereals full of sugar which will just leave you hungry mid-morning, plus it's way yummier to have something warm in your belly with the colder temperatures creeping in.

Here's another great article on some things healthy people do every morning from the great folks at MyFitnessPal.

Happy #wellnesswednesday everyone :)

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