The Sugar Monsters in your Head

The holidays are nearing and there are always a ton of distractions.

Looking for ways to get through the holiday season reasonably unscathed?

It's hard because you're going to parties, get-togethers, work functions where everything revolves around food. It's an engrained part of the social atmosphere of this time of year, and old habits die hard. Everywhere you look, there are cookies, sweets, sugary drinks, the options are endless and once the cravings kick it, it's hard to ignore them.

So how can you beat the sugar monsters?

Here are a few solutions that may help:

1. Get active - go for a walk, head to the gym, do some yoga.

  • Boosting serotonin can really bust sugar cravings because it's a natural mood stabilizer, so getting that quick release will definitely help you to fight the cravings when they’re emotionally driven. It will help to combat both depression and anxiety, helping you ward off those down feelings and rapid-cycling thoughts that often lead us straight to the cookie jar for a little self-soothing.

2. Take a nap.

  • We all know it - when we're tired, we make poorer choices. It's not all in your head actually - it's in your gut. Appetite regulation is controlled by digestive hormones which signal hunger (ghrelin), or tell us when we’re full (leptin). When we’re not getting enough sleep, studies show that leptin levels can drop by up to 18% and ghrelin can spike up to 30%

3. Meditate.

  • In one study done with subjects who suffer from binge eating disorder, meditation decreased binge frequency from around 4 times per week to 1.5 instances. It also showed an increase in perceived sense of control, which we know is a major component of cravings and giving into them. Check out some of the other benefits of meditation.

4. Log your food.

  • This one is simple. Writing down what you eat holds you accountable and makes you think more about the choices you're making. Track your energy levels, mood, fatigue, and anything else you think might help keep you on track and see progress.

5. Drink something (good).

  • Fluids will help fill up the stomach and make you feel fuller, addressing any physical hunger that might be present temporarily. If your body was truly only thirsty, you might see an immediate drop in those craving levels. Otherwise, the need for something sweet can be soothed by a hot cup of tea.

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